Lightning Racing Mufflers

Lightning Racing Mufflers are the result of 10 years of extensive exhaust research along with our years of experience building high performance engines for the street as well as the track. For years we have designed and built full exhaust systems using our racing mufflers for our Horsepower Sales customers to extract the maximum potential from the big inch motors that we’ve built for them.

   Utilizing our exclusive “Torque-Cone” technology these mufflers are designed exclusively for HD Touring bikes to extract the maximum amount of power from the Harley-Davidson engine without sacrificing the torque needed for everyday cruising. The Torque-Cone sits at the end of the muffler and provides the tuner/owner a means to adjust the effective outlet size of the muffler to calibrate the muffler to match the engine’s flow requirements.  

More power to passLightning Racing Mufflers are engineered with a free flowing core designed to improve power across the entire power range.

More Torque for cruising

Lightning Mufflers have an adjustable outlet that provides the proper balance of flow and back-pressure. No matter if you have factory duals with a crossover, “True-Duals without a crossover or a stock or modified motor, the muffler can be set for the correct amount of flow for your application. This provides you with the maximum amount of horsepower without sacrificing the low end torque that you need for cruising.

No Expensive Software Needed

In most cases all you need is a Stage 1 download, high flow air cleaner and a set of Lightning Racing Mufflers for a nice improvement in horsepower, torque and drivability. By setting the muffler’s torque cone to the stock setting the backpressure will be correct for the Stage 1 fuel curve. If further modifications are done (cams, etc…) the Torque Cone can be adjusted accordingly.

Great Muscle Car Sound. 


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