Last Night was the End

MY 2 Cents – So last night was the final night of American Chopper on TLC. BYE BYE TO OCC –

What the show did –

Positive – Inspired new folks to ride

Negative – Created alot of posers or wannabes in the industry that I think are mostly gone.

What it comes down to, is Dad (Paul Sr. created an empire) and got 2 whiney brat kids. See Dad already had an established steel business as you already know. Dad had to pay – probably alot for licensing and rights for the first season. Yeah money had to be paid. They don’t just give you a TV show. So without dad’s money and pushing, they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are now. YES Junior has some talent and vision. But how many times did dad come out looking for him and no Junior or Mikey. Mikey – don’t even get me started – big dumb dog – the one everyone likes to laugh at but serves no purpose. Can’t build bikes, can’t show up on time at 9 am to do nothing. But hey boys let’s all whine cuz dad screwed you. REALY – REALY? Yeah you may not like Sr. either but all he was (is) a dad with 2 lazy boys -who was trying to light a fire under their asses to work. Should they be handed everything for nothing? NO I say – they don’t learn reasponsibilty that way. Shit Sr. even bent the rules….gave Mikey a 9 am shift when everyone else starts at what 7 – 7:30 am. He still couldn’t make it on time. Before dad finally had enough. How many bikes, that when Vinny was still there, did he finish cuz Junior was off somewhere. That kid went to the doctors more than – shit I have been too in my lifetime. OCC wouldn’t have been what it was without dad in the first place – a hard working goal driven man – end of story.

Where will those kids be in 2 years without the empire – no where. Just my 2 Cents – Best of Luck to everyone at the OCC shop and company.


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