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Torch Wear,a welding apparel company , introduces PipeWear – a one piece custom sleeve that fits over motorcycle exhaust pipes to improve performance – but most importantly , help eliminate heat for riders. Originally introduced as a welding sleeve to protect welders from flash and heat, PipeWear is constructed exclusively from the revolutionary CarbonX  knit blend material that gets its soft feel and vibrant black color from heat reflecting  carbon. The maximum  temperature  reached at the head pipe on gasoline burning engines is 1,000 degrees. PipeWear is able to withstand 2,500 degrees of searing heat which is 50% higher than Nomex. PipeWear protects the rider from burns and protects the motorcycle from the soaring heat associated with long stops and starts. No more sweaty thighs or “pipe tattoos”. Pipes run cooler on the outside forcing heat to stay inside the pipes generating horsepower out the end. A trick used in auto racing for years.

Current asbestos type pipe wrap’s discolor, fray and after a few cruises, to be honest,  become  just plain ugly. Just slip PipeWear over  your existing pipe wrap for a clean, custom look that has many more features than just looking cool – THEY ARE COOL.  Available in 2” diameters and a custom length for motorcycles.  For more information and pricing, contact:

Torch Wear  – 2374  Edison Blvd., Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 USA – Phone (800) 479-7165/330-425-2738 or FAX (330) 425-2739 –


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  1. I was gonna get some wrap on the ‘ol downpipes but this stuff look way cool!

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