North Myrtle Beach Weighs Sales Tax, Bike Policy

As rally promoters and retailers struggle with unfriendly laws in Myrtle Beach, residents in North Myrtle Beach are struggling with growing pains at their end of the Strand.

A public forum last week drew about 150 people to discuss a possible 1 percent sales tax increase, Harley-Davidson’s decision to pull out of the spring rally and other local issues, according to the Myrtle Beach Sun News.

At the meeting, sponsored by the North Myrtle Beach Citizens Association, residents split over whether the rally boost to the local economy is worth what some consider a headache.

H-D pulled out of North Myrtle Beach this year, saying community leaders don’t welcome them. Some worry about the potential loss of tourism revenue if the rally shrinks or disappears.

“Let’s not be Myrtle Beach. Let’s be North Myrtle Beach,” Barefoot Resort resident Tom Powell said. “I think [bikers] were not given a fair shake.”

The City Council discussed the possibility of raising the sales tax by 1 percent during a recent budget workshop, but hasn’t finalized anything.

“We’ve got to stop this sales tax,” said Gary Stephens, who worries that higher taxes will force shoppers elsewhere. “It’s going to hurt the retail businesses in this city.”

Barbara Hicks, who lives in the Seaside Plantation neighborhood, said she and other residents were pleased.

“When the Harley people decided not to come here, we felt like the little people won,” she said.

Posted by Holly Wagner from Dealer News


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