NEW BOOK from Keith Ball


There’s no doubt Keith R. Ball’s, aka Bandit, aka K. Randall Ball’s impact on the biker culture around the world cannot be understated. He’s walked the walk and his hand penned novels, and technical writings reflect the trials, tribulations, excitement, brotherhood, thirst for true freedom and rejection of authority that go with the territory.

Ball’s latest tale, Harbor Town Seduction, opens the door to an ongoing series which will follow a young chopper rider, Chance Hogan, in his quest for romance and inner peace in a world full of intrigue and corruption. In this first novel, Chance rolls the romantic dice and starts life over in the lurid, bustling seaside village of San Pedro, on the Los Angeles Harbor.

Once you’ve turned the first page you’ll be hard pressed to put this one down as it has it all; Murder, Treachery and Too Many Women. Harbor Town Seduction makes for an electrifying literary ride from cover to cover. This is a must on table tops and in saddle bags throughout the biker community and in the hands of millions who wished they’d gone down the freedom road the first time they encountered a pack of bikers jamming down the freeway, their menacing hair frantically dancing like flames in the wind.


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