Paul Jr. Teutul VS Paul Teutul Sr.

I’d almost liked to say I saw this coming – with the abrupt end to American Chopper – The End of Jon and Kate Plus 8 – The Drama The Drama that most Americans love. Well here it comes Paul Jr. Teutul has moved away from his “DESIGN” Company back to building motorcycles and THE NEW TLC (drama) show is going to be Paul Teutul Jr. vs Paul Teutul Sr. (ANY SURPRISE YET?) – Paul Jr. – went as far as to hire Vinnie DiMartino (guess there is no more V-Force Customs that Vinnie owns or owned with Cody), Robert “Nub” Collard, Joe Puliafico and ofocoarse Mikey Teutul will be working with Paul Jr. – So what will Mikey do when he gets fired by Jr.?

Apparently the new TV show will air this fall. Sure it won’t be long before biker build off is back and motorcycle mania. Fact is people love this stuff – and it sells. FAMILY DRAMA – like we don’t have enough of it at home – or maybe it’s the fact that the American public likes to see that they aren’t the only screwed up ones. Whatever it maybe – this should prove to be amusing, atleast for the first episode as my curiosity is peeked.


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  1. Wow,this is awesome,lets bring the family back together!!!!,and even better with Vinnie and Nubby,but bring in Cody too………..

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