AMD World Championship of Motorcycle Building

World Championship

AMD World Championship 

Get the details…

Harley-Davidson has moved their  Sturgis presence to the same site used by the World Championships, located at the downtown Sturgis Rally on  Lazelle Street and 3rd. The World Championship will  now be staged adjacent to the Harley-Davidson event experience.


“After months of hard work, we can now reveal that Harley-Davidson has come onboard and is partnering with AMD to produce the Official World Championship of Custom Bike  Building in Sturgis,” stated Robin Bradley of AMD. 

H-D and AMD Partner to Produce World Champs Finals at Sturgis


We are here to help you increase the value of your participation as we roll up to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building event.

From brand awareness, to product sales to sponsorship activation and everything in between, give us a call to discuss how the program can meet your needs.


Jeffrey Najar / Bob Kay
World Championships North American Bureau

Office: 919.383.0500


  1. That first girl is candy coated, sweet.

    I like that bike too, and the idea of solid brakes on whatever I ride or drive.
    Have you guys ever made a bobber trike?

    • No no bobber trike yet – but i’d be interested in doing it…real bare bones would be sweet

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