EPA halts the import and sale of up to 200,000 Chinese dirtbikes and ATVs

The EPA has withdrawn its approval for the import and sale of up to 200,000 Chinese dirtbikes and ATVs. Four U.S. distributors, the agency suspects, submitted tailpipe emission information that was either falsified or incomplete.

The EPA issued the certificates in 2006 and 2007 to Hensim USA (City of Industry, Calif.), Loncin USA (Hayward, Calif.), Peace Industry Group (Norcross, Ga.) and Seaseng (Pomona, Calif.).

According an agency press release, the companies are the U.S. counterparts of four of China’s largest off-road manufacturers: Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Chongqing Longting Power Equipment Co., Zhejiang Peace Industry and Trade Co., and Zhejiang Chisheng Industry and Trading Co.

The certificates were issued based on applications compiled by the U.S.-based companies’ consultant, MotorScience Enterprise, which the EPA believes intentionally submitted false or incomplete emissions information.

The California Air Resources Board, which issued executive orders similar to EPA’s certificates of conformity, has also voided its executive orders covering the same vehicles sold in California.

A complete list of the models can be found at http://epa.gov/otaq/recveh.htm. Consumers who own a model that was covered by these voided certificates are not responsible and can continue to use their vehicle.

This is the first time the EPA has voided certificates of conformity for these types of vehicles and only the second time the agency has done so for any type of vehicle. The EPA is considering an enforcement action under the Clean Air Act, which could lead to significant financial penalties against the businesses that manufactured or imported the units.

All vehicles imported or manufactured in the U.S. are required to have certificates of conformity, which are issued by the EPA. To obtain a certificate, a manufacturer or importer submits an application describing the vehicle and its emission control system, and provides emissions data that demonstrates that the vehicle will meet federal emission standards for certain pollutants, including nitrogen oxides and total hydrocarbons.

Posted by Arlo Redwine at Dealer News


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