Puccio Iron Art Originals – At RUMBLE IN THE CITY

Rumble in the City is not going to be your traditional hotrod/motorcycle show. Being I am a builder – many of us see what we create as rolling art. Being it a car or motorcycle, depending on the crowd you are discussing with social cars/motorcycles are art. Meticulously built and cared for. So it only makes sense then, that we include other artists in with car and motorcycle art and visa versa.

That is why along with all the eye candy cars – the ratrod cars (which art on a whole different level. The hand crafted motorcycles, South Side Kustoms is also including true publically recognized artists. From Lowbrow to Auto Art and amazing tattoos and paintings by Madd Grafix to true artists. You know the folks that when you look at their sculptures and paintings – you go what was going on in their mind – and you can’t help but to be mesmerized by their art.

One such artist that will be displaying is John Puccio of Puccio Iron Art Originals – amazing art. Check his site out and make sure you stop by his display at Rumble in the City Jul31st 2010. http://www.irondancer.com/

Get your tickets at South Side Kustoms shop or http://www.south-side-kustoms.com/EVENTS.html


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