Design Engineering, Inc. New Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Wrap Kits

A Simple and Affordable Way to Control Heat, Protect Against Serious Leg Burns and Improve Performance

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) has just introduced three exhaust pipe wrap kits that include everything to completely wrap a set pipes in one convenient package. Wrapping pipes not only helps prevent serious leg burns but, by keeping more heat in the pipes increases the thermal retention within pipes and subsequently expedites exhaust flow at a higher velocity.  This means an increase in horsepower.

Each kit includes two (2) rolls of 2” x 15 foot rolls of wrap, eight 8” and four 14” stainless steel Locking Ties to secure pipe wrap and a 12 oz. can of HT Silicone Coating spray paint which penetrates, seals and protects wrap.

Three kit variations are available: black pipe wrap with black HT Silicone Coating spray; tan wrap with aluminum HT Silicone Coating spray and tan wrap with white HT Silicone Coating. All kit contents are the same high quality Design Engineering products available individually but there’s significant savings advantage by bundling as a kit. 

DEI pipe wrap, easy to install and asbestos-free, is constructed of a high temp resistant woven fiberglass that is then pre-heat stressed in a process called burnishing.  A proprietary vermiculite coating is then applied to act as a bonding agent and to increase durability levels under extreme heat up to 2000º F.

For more information on Design Engineering’s new 2008 Motorcycle Products catalogs and thermal tuning products, please visit


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