Kosmo Drive by Italy’s Garage 65

Kosmo Drive
By Italy’s Garage 65

Story by Mark Barnett and Horst Rosler
Photos by Horst Rosler

Seven months went into the development of this extraterrestrial, European AMD Championship winning bike. Italy’s Marco Cinquini, proprietor of Garage 65 in Viareggio, Italy managed to push the design and technical fences of custom bike building back several yards with this exotic if not wildly practical monster build.


Besides it super low stance and slick tires, the hub-center steering and radical front suspension define this ride. Like most hub-center bikes, the turning radius is huge, no quick u-turns on narrow two lane roads. Those slicks by the way aren’t just run-of-the-mill, store-bought slicks. They are 16.5” MotoGP slicks donated by Max Biaggi, the current point leader in the World Superbike chase. Italy is a small country I guess, they must all know each other.

The driving components are state-of-the-art items: TP 124” engine, BAKER tranny, and Brembo brakes. While not exactly practical, the bike is rideable and has lights, brake lights, a fuel tank that holds a little under four gallons, and a speedometer if you had the nerve to rev it up and ride quickly.

Enjoy the photos, check the front suspension in detail. People laugh at odd designs, but some of them become standard equipment after a few years, you never know.

Story by Mark Barnett and Horst Rosler
Photos by Horst Rosler

read more here – http://www.barnettharley.com/online-feature-bikes/item/3050-kosmo-drive-by-italy’s-garage-65


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