Allows Users to Call Friends & Actually Speak to Them

SILICON VALLEY (The Borowitz Report) — A new social network is about to alter the playing field of the social media world, and it’s called “PhoneBook”.

According to its creators, who invented the network in their dorm room at Berkeley, PhoneBook is the game-changer that will leave FaceBook, Twitter [ and all lesser players including ] Google Buzz in a cloud of dust.

“With PhoneBook, you have a book that has a list of all your friends in any city, plus everyone else who lives there,” says Danny Fruber, one of PhoneBook’s creators.  “When you want to chat with a friend, you look them up in PhoneBook, and find their unique PhoneBook number,” Fruber explains.  “Then, you enter that number into your phone, and it connects you directly to them!”

Another breakout utility of PhoneBook allows the user to arrange actual face-to-face meetings with his or her friends at restaurants, bars, and other “places”, as Fruber calls them.  “You will be sitting right across from your friend and seeing them in 3-D,” he said.  “It’s like Skype, only without the headset.”

PhoneBook will enable friends to play many games as well, such as charades, cards, and a game Fruber believes will be a breakout:  Farm.  “In Farm, you have an actual farm where you raise real crops and livestock,” he says.  “It’s hard work, but it’s more fun than Mafia, where you actually get killed.”

Best of all, PhoneBook users do not have to worry about the new government initiatives ( ) to allow the ATF/CIA/DEA/DHS/DIA/FBI/FCC/ICE/IRS/NSA/SEC/SSA/TSA/[your TLA here] to wiretap Internet traffic.  “Our government has had easy access to most telephone conversations in America for years, and almost unfettered access to all of them since the passage of the Patriot Act,” Fruber assured us.  “So PhoneBook users can rest assured they will face no new invasions of their privacy.”

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This is satire conveying an important message brought to you by Bruce Arnold … record-holding long distance motorcycle rider … bikers’ rights activist and proud member of The 100 … political agitator targeting social injustice and piercing the veil of our two-puppet system to expose the institutionalized greed of the Kleptocracy pulling all strings Left and Right … like Thomas Jefferson, an aficionado of ethnic aesthetic and a philosophical anarchist who accepts the State as a necessary evil under which the best government is less government.  Follow Bruce at

SSK in a Music Video – His Name Was Yesterday

NEW UPCOMING BAND FROM BUFFALO, NY – HIS NAME WAS YESTERDAY – signed to Catch 22 Records (label of Recording artists Stemm) has just released the video to their new singale AGAIN AND AGAIN. You can purchase the single on ITunes and the new album will be released Nov 9th 2010 – Everywhere!
South Side Kustoms owner Jason McCudden has a cameo part in the music video. With part of it being filmed at SSK. Watch for all the SSK logos.
Make sure you do your part to support upcoming music acts like His Name Was Yesterday.
Video Link –
His Name Was Yesterday – website –

Baker Drivetrain F5R

Baker Drivetrain F5R


Add Reverse To Your Stock 5-Speed or BAKER DD6 With The All New BAKER F5R Available Now Online! 

We introduced the F6R kit, or Factory 6-speed Reverse, for the 2007-later H-D 6-speed bike.  The biggest advantage of the F6R is the ability to engage reverse from one switch in the handle bar area without the need to reach down near the hot exhaust.  Minimal clutch modulation is required in reverse to launch the vehicle due to the short gear ratio.  We finally got off our duff and are doing the same for the 1990-2006 5-speed bikes.  We call it the F5R or Factory 5-speed Reverse.

The contents in the F5R kit are similar to the F6R; door, side cover, countershaft, reverse gear train and hardware.  Existing gear set (except countershaft), shift system and top cover will be re-used with the F5R installation.  The F5R will be appreciated by those with heavy GVW applications (trikes, side cars and trailers) or those with compromised leg mobility.

– Reverse selection controlled by aircraft grade shifting solenoid & bell crank assembly.  Electronic reverse safety lock-out solenoid must first be energized with the provided handle bar or inner fairing mounted momentary toggle switch.  Shift safely into reverse every time!
– No need to use the starter motor for reverse maneuvers.
– Includes ready to install solenoids and neutral safety switch wiring.
– Reverse can only be selected when bike is in neutral by tying the solenoid function to the neutral switch on the transmission.
– No case modifications required for reverse gearset installation.

Contact South Side Kustoms for Pricing and to place your order. 1-800-675-3191

Months after winning $1M in lottery, man wins $2M

BY- The Associated Press

ST. LOUIS – The odds against winning $1 million in the Lottery: Astronomical. How about doing it twice?

It happened to a man from Bonne Terre, Mo., Missouri Lottery officials said Tuesday. Ernest Pullen, 57, won $1 million with a “100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” Scratchers ticket in June. And this month, he won $2 million with a “Mega MONOPOLY” Scratchers ticket.

Pullen, a retired military man who was working at the help desk for a telecommunications company before retiring after the first lottery win, said he considers himself to be a “lucky guy.”

You think?

John Wells of the Missouri Lottery said the chances of winning $1 million in the “$100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” game are 1 in 2.28 million. The odds of winning $2 million in “Mega MONOPOLY” are about the same.

The chances of winning both?

Because they’re independent games, it is impossible to calculate the odds, Wells said.

“But it’s a pretty amazing coincidence,” he said. “We’ve had players win big multiple prizes before, but this is the first person to ever win a second million-dollar prize in the history of the Missouri Lottery.”

Pullen bought the most recent winning ticket on Sept. 17 at Miller’s Quick Shop in Bonne Terre, a community in the Old Lead Belt region of eastern Missouri, about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis. He opted to take the cash payment instead of the annuity for both wins. He received $700,000 for the June winner and will get about $1.3 million for the September winner – both before taxes.

Pullen recalled a dream six years ago in which he won a lot of money. Even after the $1 million win in June, he didn’t feel like the dream was complete.

He does now.

“All the numbers I dreamed about, and all my lucky numbers, were on the card,” Pullen said.

Pullen plans to use the money to fix up his new house, which needs a new lakeside wall.

As for the Lottery, he figures he’s about used up his luck, though he still might play the big jackpots on Powerball and Mega Millions.

“My wife said she’s winning the next time,” Pullen said.

SSK Pinup Tshirt Design to be Retired!

The South side Kustoms Pinup with Jack-O-Lantern Design is being retired. The Tshirt design will be replaced with a new design shortly. So this style is ON SALE NOW – Until all the stock on these are gone.

Normally $20.00 for Larg-Xl = NOW $15.00

Normally $22.00 for 2XL-3XL = NOW $17.00

That’s $5.00 OFF the normal price. so hurry and get yours before they are gone!

Badwerks Novelties and Apparel Store

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Bo Huff needs our help!

CAR BUILDER BO HUFF HIT HARD–The custom car world has been hit hard lately with the deaths of some of its pioneers and significant practitioners. Custom painting innovator Larry Watson and West Coast Kustoms founder Rich Pichette both passed away in late July. Larry Alexander, elder half of the famous Alexander Brothers, died in August. We’re losing our heroes.

Another of our good friends and lifelong customizers, Bo Huff, was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Mutliple Myeloma and is in treatment at Huntsman Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the premier cancer institutes in the U.S. As you might guess, the treatment is very expensive and Bo’s medical insurance is not sufficient to cover all of the costs. If you know Bo, you know he is generous to a fault and has given to those in need many times. Now he’s in need. A fund has been set-up to help with his medical costs. If you can help in any way, here’s the information:

An account has been set up at Sunnyside Credit Union, 1 Market Street, PO Box 519, Sunnyside, Utah 84539, to help Bo Huff pay his medical bills.

Bo, a longtime resident of East Carbon, Utah and known throughout the United States for his talent in restoring automobiles, is battling cancer.

Bo cannot begin his treatment until he can prove his ability to pay $8000.00 per month for three consecutive months after receiving the initial treatment. Apparently, the medication required on a monthly basis supports the success of the treatment and treatment is not available to those who cannot afford this three month expense of $24,000.00.

 If you wish to make a donation, please follow the instructions below:

Mail Donations to: Check or Money Order Payable to Bo Huff Medical Expense Acct

Sunnyside Credit Union

PO Box 519

Sunnyside UT 84539

[receipt available upon request]

Wire Donations: To: SunCorp Corporate Credit Union

Routing / ABA Number: 324084003

For Further Credit to: Sunnyside Credit Union

Routing / ABA Number: 324379792

Beneficiary: Bo Huff Medical Expense Acct

Questions: Contact Sunnyside Credit Union at 435-888-4433