So apparently this image is offensive to my ubran dwelling neighbors. No explanation as to why, just that the gun was offensive. I tried to explain my side of the story and how this is our base model Untouchable logo. That it was an omage to law enforrcement. (everyone knows about our law enforcement discount correct and the Untouchables?) – but I kept being cut off and told either I remove this image  from the outer wall of our building, or they were taking it to the next level and contacting the media? You mean FREE adevrtising…….How many levels are there? Will there be retaliation if I don’t remove it? There isn’t more to worry about in an urban neighborhood than a business’s associated logo…..I was also told I wasn’t from the neighborhood (mind you SSK is in the business district of downtown Buffalo – as we are on the business district side and not the residential side of Michigan Ave). That they knew we are from a different neighborhood…gee I feel unwelcome. What does where I am from have to do with my business? Where I put it and what I do for the city of Buffalo.

So I asked all the local businesseses what they thought…..if they were offended. The answer was a unamious NO. Please I ask all my readers to share their opions here. POST AWAY!



  1. I’m not offended. Perhaps the local “gangstas” are offended that someone would put up an homage to the government agents who took on the Chicago mob.

  2. These type of people will always find SOMETHING offensive, and will without a doubt always find something to hate on.

  3. Untouchable? How about UnbullievaBULL SH!T. Don’t they have anything better too do? NO

  4. There will always be someone that finds something wrong with what you do. I guess it goes back to the saying, “You can’t please everybody all the time!” As long as you are happy with what you have done, then that’s all that matters!

  5. Stand your ground and back your brand. When they are done complaining (and losing their fight with you) send them down to me…I could use some free publicity!

  6. Are you freakin kidding me? Walk out of the shop take an immediate right and turn left on Broadway, you want something OFFENSIVE!!! Dear Lord what is this world coming to when somebody opens an HONEST business in the city and people are all up in your stuff over a logo. What is next, they don’t agree with the style of clothes you wear so they call the fashion police. Everybody has an asshole, some people just wear them as faces!!!

  7. Ok can’t these idiots find something better to bitch and whine about?? Come on really?? The untouchable logo is f’n cool. Hell whats so offensive about it?? Its not like the logo is showing the gun going off in the direction of some non caucasion people. Mabye thats it the logo is black…. hmmm There you go Jason paint just that wall black and make the logo white mabye the assclown will feel better.. Better still how about he/she just talks to the bikers who come by the shop who come from a wide variety of backgrounds to see just how unoffensive it is. Once all is said and done this assclown who finds it offensive will end up crying in a corner licking his/her wounds.

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