Zipper’s TORKSTER PLUS 883-1250 Sportster® Engine Kit (EFI Models)

Zipper’s TORKSTER PLUS 883-1250 Sportster® Engine Kit (EFI Models)

The Torkster Plus is similar to our original Torkster 883-1200 kit, but with a twist – an additional 50cc with the inclusion of our exclusive 3-9/16” bore cylinders! These extremely rigid aluminum cylinders are cast around ductile iron liners and fit right into the case opening without any machining. The Torkster Plus includes our highly refined cylinder, head and engine management package that promotes big gains in power and torque.Also included is the blueprinting of your cylinder heads. After cleaning, new Step-Lock guides are hand-fit to new, high-flow stainless steel valves. Next, the bowl in the port is aligned to the center of the valve using a special form tool that promotes high velocity for optimum air to fuel atomization ratios. The result is increased fuel efficiency, and in layman’s terms, a big, fat, long torque curve!

The heads are delivered assembled with Viton® seals and a performance valve spring set; Zipper’s aluminum cylinders are precisely fitted with lightweight, reverse-dome forged pistons. To provide proper fuel and ignition curves, the factory ECM is replaced with the versatile ThunderMax ECM with AutoTune, supplied with maps that ensure quick and accurate automatic AFR tuning. A Zipper’s high flow air cleaner kit and complete top end gasket set is supplied. Get that extra edge with the Torkster Plus 1250 kit – excellent power right where you need it!

Zip Tip: 2004-up 883 Sportsters® have different primary and secondary gearing than the factory 1200’s do (final 4.07 [883] vs. 3.52 [1200]. We recommend lowering the gearing when converting an 883 to 1200 with our kits.

These kits are available from any Zipper’s Performance Products dealer, or you can send your carefully packed parts directly to Zipper’s. The Torkster Plus kit requires modification to your cylinder heads. Your original 883 heads are modified and returned to you with new cylinders and the rest of the kit, ready for installation. In-shop time is generally 1-2 weeks. Please pack your parts carefully

Expert installation of this product is available at Zipper’s facility in Elkridge, Maryland. Transportation of your motorcycle to and from Zipper’s can be arranged if desired. Please call a sales representative for details.

Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.



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