Supertrapp Racing Exhaust for your ATV


Track or trail, who doesn’t want some extra power when they’re IDS2
on four wheels?  Our tunable IDS2 with internal discs will give
your quad all of the flat out horsepower it’s got in it without the extra
noise.  The patented, tunable disc technology that we’ve been
known for going on 40 years now allows you to adjust the sound
and performance of your ride.  

ids2 on atv

Another feature of the IDS2 is that it’s available in interchangeable Quiet and Race Series Cores for the track or trail.

Aluminum Racing Series are another tunable option.           alum racing with bracket  
These utilize our external-disc tuning capability. 
The core is long lasting because it’s steel and wrapped in high tech packing.  This is the ultimate performance
upgrade for your quad. 

xd racepipe

Aluminum Racing Series are also available in an              
XD Racepipe with an open end cap and an
180 degree exhaust shield. 

A tunable SuperTrapp exhaust can be perfectly set up to get the most out of the current engine modifications and riding style or your quad.  If anything changes down the road, a SuperTrapp exhaust can be quickly and easily re-tuned to the new modifications or riding needs.

And, your ride is U.S. Forest Service approved when those discs are installed.  They serve as the spark arrestor.  All of our tunable exhausts include discs.  Additional discs are sold separately and available on our web store.  By adding discs, within minutes, you’ll easily increase your horsepower, exhaust tone and flow.  Want to quiet things down?  Then simply remove some discs to reduce sound while increasing your low-end torque.

It only gets better though.  Both, the IDS2 and Aluminum Racing Series are available in Universals. What’s that mean?  It’s means that with some fabricating skills or access to a savvy shop, you can make these fit any application that we might not have a specific fitment for.  It’s amazing the unique applications these Universals have been installed on.

How do you know which Universal Exhaust will fit your application? It’s easy! Click here and we’ll tell you how!

The value of our tunable exhausts is unsurpassed.  You truly get a variety of exhausts all wrapped up in one product at a reasonable price.  Who else can say that?  The others just don’t stack up to our tunable, stackable, disc technology.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it.  Just check out what some of our customers had to say on ATV Gallery.

Want to see and hear our ATV exhausts in action?  Check out our Video Forum.

South Side Kustoms is your Supertrapp Dealer –


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