Gross Display of Corporate Greed

How you may ask is this a gross display of corporate greed? I don’t know, the fact that they are willing to take perfectly good couches and sofas and throw them out at a local dump. Why not donate these to Salvation Army or a Women’s Facility, any charity. How many people are out of work, out of homes – need furniture and this is what happens to perfectly good stuff? It would be a write off to these companies to donate it. But why do that when you sell new furniture. Wouldn’t it be a better corporate image to clean these items and give them to people who loose their homes and everything in acts of God – like Tornadoes – fires.

So the next time you buy a new sofa, don’t let the company take it away. Call Salvation Army – they will come get it, or any other local charity that helps destitute families.

Pictures taken by a friend and forwarded to us – unreal………


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