Atleast South Side Kustoms will remain American

Harley owners – the writing is on the wall with this…….

Found at Cyril Huze Blog –

This Thursday evening spokesperson Bob Klein announced that Harley-Davidson has advised the Wisconsin Department of Commerce that it will not pursue the Enterprisee Zone Tax Credit of $25 million that the company could have earned during the next 9 years for keeping operations in Wisconsin.

So, the immediate question is, why Harley would refuse the corporate welfare (free money at the expense of the taxpayer) sought after by so many companies to fatten their bottom lines?

Although the Wisconsin force reduction estimates made by Harley in September didn’t change, the Milwaukee manufacturer now considers that the anticipated employment level may not meet the technical requirements of the Wisconsin statute for job retention and growth… Now, Harley-Davidson is playing hardball with its Kansas City plant workers and everybody is expecting another shakedown. State of Missouri Officials are forewarned that Harley CEO Keith Wandell is ready to do whatever necessary to make the company profitable again and that to have his company qualify for tax incentives is not his priority and will not influence his reorganization decisions. Harley-Davidson.


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