Where is Waldo???

Since the close of West Coast Choppers and parts being pulled and on and on with Jesse James stories. Many wondered what happened to him, where is he, who he is sleeping with, why did he (allegedly cheat)…on and on. Really get a life folks worry about yourself……All of sudden my phone rings atleast 4 times a week with people looking for his parts or hey do you know what happened? Really just cuz I am in the motorcycle industry I know what time Jesse pees?

For those that really care, Jesse James will be appearing in a new TV show, on the History Channel History Channel , the story was found over at Cyril Huze Blog

Personally I wish Jesse the best……but really people mind your business…….and that concerns his personal life.



  1. I couldnt agree more! It would havegiven everyone less to talk about and been easier on him if he would have minded his life. Damn, Jesse!! LOL Bottom line, life goes on. Thanx for bringing it up SSK

  2. Really, who gives a F@%K! He’s built some nice bikes, more than I can say for alot of posers in the business! Other than that, he’s a fkn idiot. Just what we need, another asshole on Discovery. Concentrate on your bike business, your turning into a gossip rag.

    • Here’s the logistics……search engines pull from blogs first…..keywords meta tags etc..the masses google this shit…leads them right to me…..Personally I could care less but when it comes to marketing, whatever draws them in to look at my products…good for me…

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