SEMA Show 2010 – Best New Product Illuma-FX

Have you heard about the new product that literally lets you “Bring your design to light!”  A product and procedure that allows you to embed a light source within auto body paint that will light up your airbrushing or graphic work.

  Illuma-FX brought to you by Anderson Art Works is that evolutionary product!

  The best part is that the there is:

  • NO CUTTING                      
  • NO LEDs

  We received two SEMA 2010 Global Media awards for best new product and were voted Collision Hub’s SEMA 2010 Best New Product.  Check out the SEMA video on Collision Hub or at .

  It can be applied to just about any material: Metal, Glass, Plastic, Wood, or Fiberglass.  Think about all the things you could light up: Motorcycles, Trailers, Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Quads, Boats, Golf Carts, Signage, Art murals, or wherever your creativity can bring you!

  To demonstrate how easy the product application is and it’s ability to make any design extraordinary, Illuma-FX is offering an exclusive deal right now for all you starters who want to give it a try!!!  An Illuma-FX starter kit will include everything you need to get started.  See Starter Kit attachment for full details.

  So start today!  Go to the website to check us out and become a member (it’s free!). You will have to read and accept a license agreement, but do not worry we have no hidden agenda and it simple covers our patented process. We are confident that you’ll love it, and will find nothing easier or better than us.


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