Morris billet magnetos

Morris billet magnetos

MORRIS Magneto has released a redesigned version of its billet magneto.

The new version has the body machined with dimples to make it resemble an old Fairbanks-Morse type motorcycle magneto. Additionally, the coil screws in the front are fake, since in this version the coil is held in internally.

After machining, the body is finished to make it look sand-cast.

Morris Magneto has also responded to requests from its customers, and in a move away from its V-twin traditions, has introduced the high-performance Model YXS magneto for use on the Yamaha XS650, a model which is now proving popular among custom builders.

As with V-twin versions of the company’s magnetos, this new option runs the engine independently of the 12-Volt electrical system. No wiring is required, the unit is bolt-on, and no modifications are necessary.

It mounts on the left side of the cylinder head inside the points cavity, and does not interfere with the spark plug. On the right side, the drive mechanism fits under the stock advance unit cover. The magneto itself creates high voltage from strong rare-earth magnets, and is CNC machined from 6061-billet aluminum.

Morristown New Jersey, USA
Tel: 973 540 9171
Fax: 973 605 8910

Morris Magneto has a version of its billet magneto which has been redesign to mimic the look of a Fairbanks-Morse type unit
Morris Magneto has expanded beyond its traditional V-twin offerings and is now producing a magneto for use on the Yamaha XS650


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