Kendon Stand-Up Transporters

Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers feature triangulated round steel tube construction and proprietary Eliminator Torsion Axles with removable spindles, exclusively from Tie Down Engineering. This kind of quality componentry is a nod to renowned hot rodder and Kendon owner Ken Thurm’s dedication to engineering and design.

2011 Motorcycle Trailer Improvements

New Motorcycle Trailer improvements first introduced in late 2010, now in full production for 2011 model motorcycle trailers.

    • Wider Rail with Adjustable Wheel Chocks
      Designed to accommodate larger and/or smaller diameter and width front wheels. You can now move the wheel chock to fit your front wheel.


    • Next Generation Hybrid Axle
      Co-developed by Tie Down… now offered for all 2000-lb. GVW Stand-Up trailers.


  • New and Improved Fenders
    With A572/grade 50 material.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented Eliminator Torsion Axle, removable spindle and SuperLube from Tie Down
  • Exclusive torsion bar suspension system
  • Double mounting brackets
  • Triangulated round tube steel frame, similar to a race car chassis
  • Aesthetically beautiful with diamond plated decking and powder coating
  • Superior longevity… Kendon trailers hold their value and many are still in service for over 19 years

“Kendon has been around for years continually creating innovative products to make a motorcycle enthusiast’s life much easier” – Eric Ellis, HOT BIKE

MSRP=$2,499.99 Single Rail Trailer, $2,999.99 Dual Rail Trailor

Contact South Side Kustoms to get yours, or 1-800-675-3191


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