Tattoo Bible Book Two

Everybody likes quality ink, and that ink often starts with quality flash. Tattoo Bible Book Two, brings you another unique and colorful collection. Everythign from Skulls to Tribal, Americana to the avant-garde.

Like Book One, Tattoo Bible Book Two includes flash images never before compiled in a single book. The artists included in this book include the very well known, and those artists who should be well known. The best known names include Kevin LeBlanc, Aaron Coleman, Bob Sims, Nate Powers and many, many more.

Book Two covers different styles and an endless supply of ideas. Make your own design by combining different pieces of art from within the book, or use one of the images as a stand-alone tattoo. Let this book be a supplement to your imagination.

The images are represented in a range of physical sizes, some are printed two or four per page, while the more intricate designs are reproduced one per page. The designs include Hearts, Dragons, Roses, Skulls, Butterflies, Girls, Crosses, Celestial, Tribal, and Back Pieces.

Published by ArtKulture, an imprint of Wolfgang Publications, Tattoo Bible – Book Two, includes over 500 pieces of flash art. Colorful Tattoo images that are useful to both the tattoo shop, and the tattoo aficionado.

This week only, Tattoo Bible Book Two is available for $17.95 with free shipping to US addresses.


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