Wheel Creations’ Xtreme chrome plating

Wheel Creations’ Xtreme chrome plating

Wheel Creations, a plating business with 25 years of experience, first launched its Xtreme chrome plating program eight years ago targeting the automotive industry.

The proprietary process, which was developed to address the problems of durability, moisture, corrosion and longevity associated with traditional electro-plated products, is now being offered to the motorcycle industry following a launch at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.

The Xtreme chrome is a five-step process that includes the chrome being applied to parts in a PVD vacuum chamber. Prior to the vacuum chamber process, the parts are stripped and two epoxy base coats are applied and baked on. Once the chrome has been applied, the treated pieces then have a clear coat applied and baked on.

Wheel Creations is able to offer the Xtreme chrome finish bright chrome, diamond black, gloss black, and translucent colors such as red, blue, green and others. All parts treated with the finish have a five-year warranty against chipping, pitting, peeling, and corrosion.

Fresno, California, USA
Tel: 800 394 7008
E-mail: sales@wheelcreationsplus.com


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  1. Good info. I’m on a upward learning curve on this topic of chroming.

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