Plus One Oil Pan by Baker

  • Designed with 3D solid modeling to increase pan capacity by 1 quart.
  • Reduces engine oil temperature by 10º on a 80º day.
  • The feed and return on a stock pan are located within a 2 inches of each
    other in the front of the pan. BAKER+1 pan has the feed located in the rear and
    the return in the front for more compete system circulation.
  • Multiple integral aluminum baffles eliminate the stock plastic baffle.
  • 2-piece premium show chrome or polished billet
    1-piece cast
    (black or natural finishes) available for 1993-2008 FL applications.
  • Integral boss for Alloy Art TXR stabilizer is structurally located in rear
    of pan. Visit www.alloyart.comfor more info on the TXR.
  • The Plus One Oil Pan’s integral boss is also designed to work with the
    True-Track stablilizer system. More information can be found on the True-Track
  • 1993-2008 FLH applications
  • CALL/Email SSK today to get yours 1-800-675-3191 or


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