S&S Cycle to warranty Big Dog Motorcycle engines

S&S Cycle has followed the news of the closure Big Dog motorcycles with an offer to honor the warranty on the engines used in the bikes. The new warranty will be available to all owners of Big Dog motorcycles that were still covered by the factory warranty.

“I’m certainly sad to see a good customer like BDM close their doors,”

said George Smith Jr., S&S Cycle President,

“but I feel that we need to shoulder the responsibility, and make sure the end customer gets a square deal. I suppose we could just look the other way, but I won’t do that. After all, these are S&S engines. We built them and we’re going to stand behind them.”

The special engine warranty will remain in force for the original owner of the bike, for as long as the original vehicle warranty would have lasted. S&S Cycle has also confirmed that it will be able to supply engine parts to owners of Big Dog motorcycles, while owners of older BDM bike no longer under warranty can have any engine repair work done by an S&S dealer at the same rate charged to any S&S engine owner.

ARTICLE found at AMD World Champs


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