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Here are a couple of sneak pix of a New Untouchable for a customer that is leaving for it’s new home. This Untouchable bosts a S&S 103″ Panhead, Baker 6 Speed, Renegade Wheels, custom pinned paint job and one off exhaust.

New Hitman Bobber. Starting At $22,995.

New Hitman Bobber. Starting At $22,995..

5 Years – where did it go?

So I actually have a sec to sit and blog today. It has been one of those crazy days. The days where you just experience those growing pains of a business. I spent most of my day sitiing in the DMV – registering customer bikes. Can I tell you how mind numbing that is? You look around and think, damn these folks are on the road with me?

All sorts of folks walk thru – from bikers to yuppies, little old ladies, people who can’t speak english and have to use a specific line. Realy??? You can’t speak the language but you can drive? Realy???? – Yes welcome to New York…where we damn near let a terrorist just get on a plane with minutes to spare…..

Anyways – sitting there. I started to think. Is this what I really want to do with the rest of my life? Yes ofcoarse…but in all honesty…perfect for me is me sitting in a corner just building bikes while everyone else does the running to the DMV and selling and shipping and the paperwork…don’t get me started….I haven’t seen the bottom of my desk since I moved in. Mind you – I know where everything is –  I know what is happening in every aspect of my company. Yes I still want to conquer the world – kick ass take no names and have an SSK dealership in every state and every country. You know what? We are getting there. Yes there is lots of struggles from vendors who cut back on stuff on the shelf to other vendors becoming owned by foriegners to working out new deals. It’s all coming together and I guess in a businesses growing time. Sometimes it sucks – some days I absolutely love it. And I know I am getting closer to the day where all I have to do is build and not worry about the rest because there will be people to do that (OTHERWISE THEIR FIRED – LOL).

But I can tell you this, Thank you to everyone who has been or is a friend, who has been patient with me..for your understanding and friendships. Thank you to our customers who have become friends and part of the SSK family.

Mostly Thank You to my wife and kids for understanding when I can’t always pay attention to what needs it at home. I love you guys and everyday I do this for you so someday you will have better than I ever did.

Thank you everyone! Happy Anniversary SSK! – WE AIN”T GOING ANYWHERE!

Watch for our Breast Cancer Benefit Untouchable – COMING VERY SOON!

Watch for NEW Dealerships – Watch for our NEW BIKES!

See everyone at our OPEN HOUSE June 5th and Our Rumble in the City event July 31st 2010.

Jason McCudden – Owner of SSK – SSK WORLDWIDE





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