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This is a friends’s finished bobber, at a TOTAL COST of $3,000.00! Yeah tuff economic times and the desire to ride can make one frugal – inventive and the koolest kid on the block. 

DONOR BIKE – 1976 YAMAHA XS 650 = $300.00

Hardtail from TC Bros –  http://www.tcbroschoppers.com/ = $220.00

Misc Parts (including sprung seat, Dog Collar Battery Tie Down, Gas Tank, Fender, Forward Controls, PINSTRIPING, other various parts) = $2,480.00

Your Time


Yeah if you want a project like this, ONE HELL OF A KOOL SCOOT –

South Side Kustoms can do this for you or help you with  the parts!

Our friend Juan bought his own parts, and did this in a 2 month time period. and I gotta tell you this is one of the koolest looking bobbers out there. Give it up for our man Juan – great job bro!

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