Orange County Choppers faces foreclosure


The foreclosure action by lender GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. claims that OCC missed mortgage payments of approximately $96,400 and $14,000 due on July 1 on 2 loans of $11 million and of $1.5 million used to build the Newburgh, NY headquarters.  The Orange County (Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is also named as a defendant in the action, since it owns the property under a payment-in-lieu-of taxes arrangement with Orange County Choppers.

IDA gave important tax breaks to OCC in exchange of the company building the headquarters in the New-York State county. The Orange County IDA is not liable for the back mortgage payments because a clause in the lease-back arrangement indemnifies it against default by Orange County Choppers.

OCC lawyer Richard Mahon states that in 2007 the building had an estimated market value of $12 million, but now is worth only $7 million. Consequently, he says that OCC stopped making payments to put pressure on GE Commercial Finance to modify the terms of the 2 loans. Reliable sources tell me that OCC is structured via different independent companies and that assets are substantial and protected. So, don’t assume that OCC or that Paul Senior are broke because their real estate loans are not paid on time…Real estate business as usual, recession style. But it may be more, a 1st step to a Chapter 11 reorganization to adjust to a new economic reality…



This Thursday August 12th is the return of American Chopper on TLC – but this time an official Teutle vs Teutle – claim to fame.

Paul Teutle Jr is in Sturgis with a reveal of a current build – with Biker’s Choice. Paul and Biker’s Choice will unveil his new bike in Sturgis, SD. The unveil will be at the Biker’s Choice booth at J&P Cycles located at 1650 Lazelle Street the afternoon of August 13th at 5 PM.

So on with the drama………



The fighting Father and Son return to TV on August 12th 2010 on TLC. I hope for their family’s sake they figure shit out. A Father and Son should not fight the way they do. Maybe this new season of American Chopper will bring peace or maybe more animosity. Either way the corporate types believe it to be good TV. Me – I believe it’s good business. Their show inspires interest in our  business. Keep up the good work guys…….

Last Night was the End

MY 2 Cents – So last night was the final night of American Chopper on TLC. BYE BYE TO OCC –

What the show did –

Positive – Inspired new folks to ride

Negative – Created alot of posers or wannabes in the industry that I think are mostly gone.

What it comes down to, is Dad (Paul Sr. created an empire) and got 2 whiney brat kids. See Dad already had an established steel business as you already know. Dad had to pay – probably alot for licensing and rights for the first season. Yeah money had to be paid. They don’t just give you a TV show. So without dad’s money and pushing, they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are now. YES Junior has some talent and vision. But how many times did dad come out looking for him and no Junior or Mikey. Mikey – don’t even get me started – big dumb dog – the one everyone likes to laugh at but serves no purpose. Can’t build bikes, can’t show up on time at 9 am to do nothing. But hey boys let’s all whine cuz dad screwed you. REALY – REALY? Yeah you may not like Sr. either but all he was (is) a dad with 2 lazy boys -who was trying to light a fire under their asses to work. Should they be handed everything for nothing? NO I say – they don’t learn reasponsibilty that way. Shit Sr. even bent the rules….gave Mikey a 9 am shift when everyone else starts at what 7 – 7:30 am. He still couldn’t make it on time. Before dad finally had enough. How many bikes, that when Vinny was still there, did he finish cuz Junior was off somewhere. That kid went to the doctors more than – shit I have been too in my lifetime. OCC wouldn’t have been what it was without dad in the first place – a hard working goal driven man – end of story.

Where will those kids be in 2 years without the empire – no where. Just my 2 Cents – Best of Luck to everyone at the OCC shop and company.

Charity: Host Viewing Party for American Chopper Episode With Wheelchair-Accessible Trike


Paul Teutul Sr. and the crew from Orange County Choppers have built a wheelchair-accessible trike to raise funds for the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation. People can participate, the foundation said, by hosting a viewing party for the American Chopper episode scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, Jan. 7.

The trike allows someone living with paraplegia to ride a motorcycle without having to transfer from his or her wheelchair. The bike includes a five-speed, hand-controlled transmission with reverse. A built-in electric ramp rises and declines at the touch of a button, allowing a wheelchair to roll into place, automatically lock in and then roll out. Top speed is 110 mph.

“Earlier this year, we approached the OCC team with the idea of creating a fully accessible, custom chopper, like only Paul’s team at OCC could design and produce,” the foundation’s Peter Wilderotter stated in a press release. “Not only did they jump at the opportunity, but they embraced it and took it to a level we could have only imagined.”

Teutul Sr. said, “This bike represents freedom and independence to someone living with paralysis. It provides a paralyzed individual the opportunity to partake in an activity they love doing, regardless of the chair. This chopper was by far the biggest challenge of any bike we’ve ever created; however, it was our honor and pleasure to participate.”

To spread awareness and raise funds, the Reeve Foundation encourages people to host viewing parties. “We are inviting people to gather their friends and make a small donation to join the party. Please check your local viewing times and tune in Jan. 7,” Wilderotter said.

As further incentive, the party that raises the most money will win a VIP tour of the OCC facility for four people. For more information, or to host or attend a viewing party, go to The site also has a video previewing the episode.

Backfire Barbecue Features Ribs, Sides, Choppers

Kansas City, Kan., got a new kind of theme restaurant when the Backfire BBQ Featuring Orange County Choppers opened Monday.

“Backfire BBQ is bikes, burgers and barbecue. And it is a phenomenal collection of antique cars, antique jukeboxes, phenomenal neon signs,” creator Steve Schussler told the Kansas City Star.

He’s also responsible for the T-Rex Cafe, Legends, and Rainforest Café concepts. Orange County Choppers CEO Paul Teutul Sr. and his two sons were at the grand opening.

The 8,300 square-foot restaurant and retail space seats 300 people amid custom-built choppers by Orange County Choppers, an open flame “hog pit,” 14 plasma televisions and artwork. It will have live music Thursday through Saturday nights, according to the newspaper. The concept was in development for three years.

The menu is classic barbecue and homemade sides. And it’s some barbecue — a smoker with a 1,400-pound capacity.


So I caught the last 25 minutes of American Chopper last night. There is something wrong when a family needs contracts between it’s self and the company business. Now mind you I see both sides of the fence here. dad is pissed because his sons can’t show up on time and earn their paycheck. They always need a fire lit under their ass just to work. Hell Mikey, took 5 weeks vacation and missed 67 days of work and the rest he couldn’t make it to work by 9am? Are you serious? You wonder why you don’t have a job and why your contract wasn’t renewed?

But wait a contract? Paul Sr. – Dad – What are you doing wrong that NOW 3 of your boys don’t want to speak with you? I know you have probably given up on them, after giving chance after chance. But why the hell would their have to be contracts? So what the kids don’t wanna work, they are misdirected. When you die leave them the business – if they burn it down their loss. So what if they don’t want to do what you do. I am a father myself of a son and a daughter. My son wants to do his own thing and right now my little girl wants to work with daddy. But hey if they don’t – it doesn’t mean I won’t speak with them. When I am dead and gone – it will be theirs – and if they choose to make it work great – if they sell it or burn it down. so what I am dead and gone – what the hell will I care.

Just my 2 cents – let’s here from the rest of you.

Jason – SSK